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Bad user experience

Nice idea for the app but get the basics fixed first... Scrolling up when big picture is on top and thumbnails are below behaves not as expected, rarely gives all the space to the thumbnails. Changing size of images after a twitter or so size selected only works when touching within highlighted area, not on all the screen. Also when reducing size of image, its inevitable that the image also being slightly rotated left or right. No reset for that?

Social Media Manager

Great new addition to the Hootsuite family! Nice functionality including adding logo and select correct photo crop for the different social media networks.


I do the social media for several of the groups I am involved with. I like being able to "jazz up" our posts a little bit. Makes it a little more fun! I look forward to figuring out how to use it more effectively.

All inclusive feature set

Usually I have to use three different apps to add filters to a photo, add text and add a watermark of my logo. Enhance combines all these features into one app and does it really well.

Good & Easy

Does what is says it will do, and does so easily.

Great app in every way

Definitely the app I will be using to edit and watermark my picture for my brand from now on. All my employees love it as well. Its now the primary phot editor for us.

Replaces my other apps

This is pretty good app. Im still trying it out but it seems it might be able to replace all my other photo editing apps. Plus its free!!! Hootsuite keeps getting better and better.


This app is exactly what Ive been looking for with my business. As an entrepreneur I depend on apps like this while providing amazing features for my social media branding


Quick and ez photo editing app that posts to every social media platform!

Easy, professional, pocket sized pro

Easy to use, can FINALLY use my own watermark on images, and the pre programmed framing for various social media outlets is really handy!

Good start... keep improving!!

This app has everything I need to make a great post... but needs to keep improving. BEST part - option to add watermark. I have a separate app but always forget or am in a rush and dont have time to keep switching between apps. This makes it easy to remember to add that watermark. And for free! I need to be able to work with layers better... and to switch between layers so hopefully that will be a better option soon...?!?!! Font options are excellent and all work well together for the most part. Makes like easy. Graphics are a good start... want to see more (or be able to download packages depending on theme needed) . Definitely need an opacity option for layers - not there yet. But Im picky... I have tried out tons and know their strengths/weaknesses. I really want this one to keep improving mostly for the watermark option!!


Quick and easy covers all media ;)

Great app

So easy to use and I love the free, quick images.

Love this app. Exactly what I needed for business

Super easy to use. Works like a champ. Thank you!

Nice one!

Specially the text font, keep up the good work!


Actually a great photo editing app that connects with hootsuite, lets you add text/filters/general photo adjustments and lets you size the photo based on the platform you are using. Better than the 10s of others I have tried.

Very useful app

Although there are a couple of bugs Im dealing with, the app is very useful. Id like to see more fonts with text effects, but I like the ability to add watermarks. Image library is large (though recently, the resolution is much smaller).

Nice; needs better cropping

Its nice to streamline w/Hootsuite but needs more robust crop feature. Thx!

Shut the front door!?

The is app is truly amazing on so many level. Not only can you put all your social media together! Create your style of photos down to squiggly lines. Then send in media net work.


Ive only used this a few times so far. But from what I can tell, this app is amazing! I love all the options I can do with this!

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