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Image resolution is ??? i hope this get fixed asap :)

crashes with rear camera

front facing camera works.

One bug

Crashes when using double exposure.


Very quick, a lot of effects, useful adjustments, great options, beautiful UI. I was using VSCOCAM, but Landcam is way faster and gives more effects. Honestly I recommend it to every photo enthousiast who needs an all-in-one solution for photography modification.

Deceptively simple, packs a wallop

So many photo apps, another one - bleh? I thought. But then I read through the reviews on Ultralinx and on Beautiful Pixels, 2 sites that focus on good design and UI and that usually feature pretty solid apps. So I gave Landcam a shot and was very pleased. Its very intuitive and it was easy to figure out its 3 sections: 1) filters 2) fine-tuning 3) frills (frames, fonts, special effects). You can snap a picture or add from existing album. Love that its very responsive, very little lag in the editing process, and the editing features are very nice, kind of reminds me of the simple tools of Afterlight. Like that you can "heart" the filters you like for future use. It would be nice if you could reorder them, but at least the hearts let you easily pick out your favourite among 30 filters. Love that there is a suite of b&w filters separate from colour filters. I also love that there are fade and grain fine tune effects. The +/- orange and green tint touches are very very nice. Its obvious that there are design-minded folks behind this app. The drawing effects and fonts are also attractive, not over-the-top or campy. The only drawback so far is that while the app allows you to take pictures at the native ratio, editing seems to render the photo 1:1 only. Yes, you can adjust the 1:1 crop, but if there is a way to make it 4:3 or other ratios, I havent figured it out yet. I love this app and its fully-loaded feature set. Its kind of a combination of Afterlight/Beautiful Mess/Analog but in its own UI wrapper. I think it will join or replace some of my key photo apps. A totally terrific job for a newly launched app.

Pretty good but glitch at share point

Cool app but once you share pic via Twitter app freezes with no option to go back or reset.

Love it :)

Simple, Clean design with functionality.

Nice app

Easy to use, lots of options.

Excellent app

Very responsive with intuitive navigation and lots of built-in filters. On top if that, it offers practical features like photo retouching editing. Design-wise, an iOS 7-ready app. Job very well done!

Sweet, but a bit sour

I enjoy the app and its functionality, great simple UI and the speed, the only thing - I wish it would allow you to work with sizes other 1x1... It just cuts off too much of your pictures. Hope to see that changes with future updates :)

Great App

Great app! I am looking forward to the next update. It would be great if I could zoom and take picture on landscape.

Good app

Very good apps

Colour filters!

Really enjoy that with landcam the filters are actually colour filters! Great for black and whites!


Pretty cool app, very well designed

Im in lovee

Bestt appp everrrr!!!!


This app needs higher than 1280x1280 support, I want high quality original photos. Give us the OPTION. Stickers and frames would be better with a transparency option.

Constantly crashes.

The title says it all. Fix that, Id give it 5 stars.


Continual crashes. Every time i open it and press the camera button it crashes.

Good, but it lags at times

Switching between the various menus, there is a noticeable hang (iOS 7 on iPhone 4S). Its not too annoying for me, but Im sure it could be for others. UI is great, effect selections are excellent, and other than the lag, I encountered no glitches.

Elegant filters, simple UI, robust tools

This isnt your typical mess of garish filters. Theyre quite elegant, and the intensity can be varied. The tools cover all the bases. A great app that produces great results. Im always looking for opportunities to use it. Congrats to the Landcam team!

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