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Favorite photo editor

The app is simple and offers a lot of options. Also, I love the interface. Five stars!


Good app but it crashes whenever I try to use it now so actually I take that back its not good anymore


App crashes after taking pic. iPhone 4S / iOS 7


its all good except for the saving qualtiy :( please fix this in the next update!!

Great app

You need to get this! It is worth the money! It has features other than just filters so any photo will look great after using this app!


Please change sizing so the photo is not cropped!

Love the app, current version not working for me on ios7

Just a heads up, Im experiencing a lot of crashes and inability to use the newest version of the app. I will be patient but know that love using the app! (iPhone 4S w/ iOS 7)

Lots of crashing with current version

The app is great, but I crash consistently when trying to use double exposure and even when I go to the filters menu. I use 4s with iOS 7.

Love love love!

This is the most perfect app I have ever purchased by far! Its even better than afterlight. I just cant believe its only 0.99 its so underrated like it literally has everything you need so happy I bought this ?

Great app - with glitches

Loved the original version of the app, but recently I cant get past the selection of the picture to edit. Im using a 4s with the most update version iOS 7. Any chance there can be an update for the app?

Keeps crashing

Used to be one of my favorites, but always crashes now! Please update and fix!!!!

So great!

So easy to make beautiful pictures. Definitely worth the cost!

Missing one thing....

The one thing this app needs is the ability to use non square photos!!!! I love this app but NEVER use it because of this. I take photos with a dslr and I dont like my photos square cropped ever, it makes me sad to see so many good qualities in an app that I cant really use.

Better than VSCO

100x better than VSCO. If there is 1 photo editor app that you need to get, this is it.


The only complaint I have about this is it cropping the picture, they should make it to where you can turn that off

Full resolution and no Square please!!!!

I will use it more and give to you 5 stars if you guys bring full resolution and remove the square format, i want my pictures in different sizes not only square … :) the filters are great!

Nice but

This would be 20x better if we can import full resolution and original sized pictures :/


This is a great app. Is it possible if their could be an update for iOS 8 and we could use a ratio pic, instead of just the square?

Awesome all in one app but please make update for full resolution image saving

Very cool app but please please make a future update where we can save our images at the original imported resolution. Also working with landscape/portrait sizes would be nice as well. Thanks!

The bestest in the westest

This is by far the best editing apps for beginners-experts. Not only does this app offer an array of editing options (crop, sharpen, vignette, etc.) but also some amazing filters! I would rate this 6 out of 5 if I could. Great app.

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