Enhance - Stock Photo Editor Recenzje App


Ci piace!

Awesome app

Awesome app!!!! The best

Using it to its fullest

The app is great. You can use it with Hootsuite App and make a great combo when editing picks! Best of all it’s free with a bunch of useful tools.

Best Photo App

I have tried many apps similar to this one and the ease of use is definitely here. I would rate this app a 10 if it were an option!

Easy !!

Makes using Hootsuite sooo much easier.


This is the easiest and best app I have used. Love it for what I need to do for my business

Pretty Neato

I've been eyeballing the Instagram ratio but this let's you swish your fingers around the square for cropping. Wayyyy easier. It does other stuff for banners and such. I'm just not that creative.

A perfect app for all level of expertise.

No matter what your comfort level, this app is for you.

Easy to use

Easy easy easy and directly integraded into hootsweet love this app

Great app...just need ability to favorite stock images

Otherwise I’d give it a five star.


Gonna have some fun with this app!

Great app

Great and smart app, please we need like this app for videos 👌🏼

Good app

Even if a little clunky

Simple and no gimmicks

Enjoying this app because it lets you do nice editing tricks that are very professional looking and doesn't leave an abnoxious watermark. They're getting more advertisement by word of mouth by keeping a clean design like this other wise I wouldn't use their app or recommend it at all if they slapped a stupid watermark across my photos. Great, clean, and easy to use.


Make you please make the cropping feature like every other app and program, I can’t just reduce the sides manually it only zooms in, and it is very sensitive to rotating, all I was is to select a certain part of the picture


Dope app


A photo editor app that has it all. Love the crop for different social media. Tue enhancements are easy to use then one tap to share with the world

Simply Useful

Enhance app is quick and useful for quick social media posts from HootSuite.

Love this app!

Does everything I wanted it to do, plus a few things I didn't know I wanted.

Smart App

I love how easy to use is this app and makes my life easier as well to post pictures the right size! Love it!

Very intuitive

Love the way it's integrated with Hootsuite

Great app

So far so good it's been easy and very good to use.

First time

Easy to use and simple

Love it

Great app

Loving it so far!!

Great app so far! Hope they continue to add fashion pics!

Great App

This is a great app and has great pictures! If it crashes it will not close the app entirely and you can go back where it started before the app crashed.

Love this app and use it daily

This is the easiest-to-use social media editing app I've found so far. Nice filters and adjustments available, and very compatible with iPhone photos. Highly recommend!

What a waste of time!

This app is as annoying as it can be. It freezes the phone, saves extra images, and does not work properly. I use it with Hootsuite and it's a mess.

why no landscape??

ipad landscape isn't that hard!

Great App

Love the ease of use--perfect for marketing my photos, product and writing.

Lots of glitches. Tried for 6 months.

For whatever reason, when I move the pics over to other media from this app, it only saves super-imposed text, and NO edits. Not to mention most of the editing options are useless anyways. Use instagram, or some other app. Not this one.

Great photo editing app!

Use this with Hootsuite. Great app for simple edits on photos.


I'm not sure the Facebook photo shape is up to data (Facebook seems to be requiring squarish shapes now rather than horizontal with story posts). But, so many fun tools and ways to filter, I can easily just work around it. Yay!

Totally perfect app!

I am super pleased to have available the Enhance app. Precisely what I was searching for to utilize for my online boutique. Totally perfect app!

Great App, Crashes Often

I love the app, but 90% of the time it won't open and/or freezes my phone. I've tried to install and reinstall several times with no luck. Once fixed, I'd gladly give it 5 stars.


I love your app and it made my photography business a little easier to advertise through all my social media . I highly recommend everyone to use this for any type business. Thank you

Great tool for new and experienced users

Wonderful interface, great options, value driven.


Great way to share in multiple networks. More filters than Instagram made it worth the switch from Buffer.

Good app

Great app

very handy!

the editing features are minimal yet robust, plus the aperture cropping makes for some sweet memes.


Excellent app and very easy to use


Clean and simple, user friendly app. Not to get complicated.

Awesome blend

I enjoy how it connects to the Hootsuite app. Just clicks and got my photo posted. Cool tool!

Love it

Free stock photos plus the ability to edit your own. Sharing is easy. Great!

Great app

This one is a large step above the other photo suits

Great photo editing app

Super light and easy to use, with great options such as adding gift stickers, text, sketches and more. And you can search for free photos via pixabay.

No stock images

I've tried this app several times - there are no options to search stock images - every time I go in there if shows ZERO images to choose from. If there are images available it's glitchy and it's not even showing them. That was the main reason I downloaded it!

Landcam is back!

I'm so glad! No other app has a speech bubble that's transparent and that you can move somewhere good. Stars and a half!

So far, it's just what I need.

Very user friendly!

All in one works for this grey haired guy

I used to try many editing apps. This one makes sense and I freed up some space on my phone.

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